Of course our main goal is breed by standard. The written one :)
 To improve body structure in every generation, which is important for long healthy life and ability to be involved in many dog disciplines.
Dog with right structure is faster, more agile and can show it's full power.

Second and not less important thing is to bring back the right breed temper. Yes they like to snuggle like every dog, but their true nature is disappearing. You can't see it anymore in most of dogs.
Their true nature is amazing, fearless, crazy, willing to please and not giving up. They are much more than cuddling models who shine in show rings. Many people think that papillon is high fashion model, who is just too pretty to do anything more than pose. Wrong, they are everything before that. They are BIG dogs in toy edition.

 Our socialisation starts at the beginning, while puppies are still indoors. Getting know of different toys, encouraging pray and play drive, getting known and being comfortable with different noises, starting clicker training...

In our socialisation we use different positive methods  for sport and working dogs, under best trainers/mentors. We don't use any boundaries with puppies, what is not safe and forbidden, we just put away. 
The main goal is to raise self-confidence as much as possible.
So if you are thinking of getting our puppy, don't expect cute little shy thing. You will get a little fearless  ˝monster˝, who wants to work, run and play.

When puppies are ready to go outside, we also don't use any boundaries, no fenced areas, the whole garden is theirs. They can join bigger dogs or move away from them.
Our adults are all kind with puppies, they adore them, teach them, take care of them.
In that age is important to do all possible socialisation in the garden. They meet different people, kids, friend's dogs, and get known and comfortable with outside noises like cars, motorbikes, loud tools, kids screaming, loud people...
And outside all the fun begins!

Body awareness is really important. That is why our puppies have big playing areas indoors and outdoors. 
They have different obstacles, toys, challenging tasks, mental games. 
In meantime we also train them to stay house clean. Indoors we use few plates with natural grass, so they get used to do the potty on the grass.
Most of them are housebroken from 2,5 months.

After their first vaccination it is time to explore the world and have even more fun!
We go by the river, by the sea, in park, in town, visit puppy school, agility competition.... everywhere possible. 
By that time they are experts in leash training, they love people, dogs and are completely comfortable in big world.

We continue with their socialisation until they leave to new homes. We do some tricks, agility basics, get them used to teeth brushing, grooming, nail trimming and we have fun fun fun!

By now I think you realised what Is our main purpose. To prove that papillons are amazing, fearless and sociable dogs and are capable to do everything and compete in many different disciplines. Our dogs and puppies are already successful or in progress of learning in many disciplines all over the world, like agility, obedience, therapy, tracking, coursing, dock diving, flyball...  
With the right structure, socialisation and drive they can do anything!

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