Life with papillons

  I allways had dogs of bigger breeds, but one time I   decided to have something smaller. 

 I started to read about breed and found out that this   dog is perfect for me.

 I got my first papillon Athos in december 2008. It was   the best christmass present ever. I have to thank here   to  his breeder and co-owner Karla Debernardi for   trusting this little guy to us.

 He's sensitive and really loving boy. i just can't   imagine  life without him.

 I wasn't planning showing him, because I didn't know   anything about shows, but I wanted to try. And than  we  just fell into it. Well Athos is the one who taught me   everything. He's just natural talent for shows. 


That time I also realised that Athos won't be the only one papillon member in our familly.

Paco joined to our familly in June 2010. I have to thank to breeder Yvonne Weber, that he's here with us now.

I call him little devil. He's fearless energic bomb and really fast. He enjoys showing to.

In November 2011 joined us another papillon, but this time finally a girl - Yuki!

Yuki is also really energic dog, loves to run, loves the toys, she can be really fearless to and loud when playing. :D

She started enyojing in shows really fast and whenever i have food in my hand she comes to me and stack herself in perfect show pose!

But never is anough, so in 2013 joined us Zippo & Gapo.

In 2014 we had our first litter and kept a speacial girl Valli.

And in 2015 Smash ( imp. Russia ), Ling Ling ( imp. Italy ) and Aimee ( imp. Japan ) joined in our kennel.

Summer 2016 we've got 2 new members; Brit ( imp. UK) and our breed girl Coffee.

I love them  and i can tell that this breed will stay in my life forever!

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